Collingwood On -January 18th 2021 Trebor Rx Corp. and Zen Graphene Solutions Ltd. Announce they have reached an agreement for Trebor to manufacture sell and distribute nitrile gloves with Zen’s proprietary, graphene-based biocidal coating that is 99.9% effective against aerobic bacteria, fungi and viruses including Covid-19:

Trebor has acquired the exclusive North American rights for the application of the biocidal coating on Nitrile gloves produced by Trebor.

George Irwin, Trebor CEO commented: “We are thrilled to have reached an agreement on this ground breaking coating for gloves to compliment the mask deal previously announce in late 2020. Gloves and masks are two of the most used PPE Products in the fight against viruses and infections. Trebor and Zen together have now created products that not only disrupt the tradional PPE market but add a new layer of protection for frontline workers and medical facility associates in their fight to stay safe and care for their patients in the fight against Covid-19. Trebor with its manufacturing facilities in Collingwood, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta, is now positioned to meet the demand for PPE right across Canada and throughout the United States.” 

Greg Fenton, ZEN CEO commented:

About Trebor Rx Corp.

Trebor Rx Corp. is led by George Irwin and Brenda Elliott, the 3rd generation Canadian business icons behind the Irwin Toy brand, which has been operating in Canada almost 100 years.  Fueled by a dedicated and compassionate team prioritizing safety and innovation, Trebor is disrupting the PPE industry and setting a new standard of production for masks  face shields and nitrile gloves while solving problems of cost, comfort and medical waste. A proudly Canadian company with a production facility located in Collingwood, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alberta, Trebor is committed to providing Healthcare, Frontline and Essential workers with innovative, new patented technology PPE during COVID-19 and beyond. Our Goal is to be a valued innovative PPE Supplier. Our Mission is to make lives safer by making a difference every day. 

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