September 22, 2021

Ontario company announces

state-of-the-art COVID


Collingwood: As the fourth — and potentially subsequent — waves of COVID hit Canada and other jurisdictions around the world, Ontario-based Trebor RX is pleased to announce full Health Canada approval for a new, pathogen killing, state-of-the art medical mask.

Offering significantly increased protection against COVID, its variants and a vast swath of other viruses, bacteria and fungai, the new TREBOR ZENGuard™ mask uses propriety technology to coat a top-quality, four ply mask with an anti-microbial coating; a component that kills airborne pathogens on contact.

After an exhaustive review process by both private and Health Canada  approved laboratories researchers concluded the mask conforms to, or exceeds, standards related to breathability, skin irritation, pathogen deactivation, bacterial and viral filtration efficiency as well as shedding. As a result of the review, Health Canada has validated that  TREBOR ZENGuard™-enhanced surgical masks are safe for use by Canadians.

“Exactly one year ago today Trebor and its partner, Guelph-based Zen Graphene Solutions announced the scientific breakthrough on an antimicrobial coating, and we now have proactive approval from Health Canada. This is a major milestone for our companies and for the enhanced safety of Canadians, particularly our healthcare heroes,” says Trebor CEO George Irwin

Looking beyond Canada’s borders, TREBOR’S ZENGuard™ has the first regulatory approval of the anti-microbial technology for use on surgical masks and it is expected to generate very substantial international interest.

“As jurisdictions around the world work to restore normalcy and economic recovery, our mask will offer superior protection for not only healthcare workers but students and staff going back to schools, workplaces, restaurants, commercial spaces and entertainment venues,” observes Mr. Irwin who also applauds the foresight of both the Ontario and Canadian government for encouraging and investing in PPE manufacturing and research.

Working together with government and private sector partners we have set a new standard in the fight against airborne pathogens.  This is a game changer in the PPE space, and we look forward to reaching out to healthcare and long-term care facilities, school boards, workplaces and homes with this new gold standard in mask protection,” concludes Mr. Irwin.


About TreboxRx Ltd.

TreborRx is a Canadian success story that began when the first wave of COVID hit our country in the winter of 2020. Trebor President Brenda Elliott and CEO George Irwin — who are life partners as well as business partners — used their extensive experience in the toy manufacturing sector to pivot and very quickly address critical shortages PPE facing Canadian healthcare workers. In 18 short months, Trebor built a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Collingwood Ontario and has been highly active in the research and development of superior PPE solutions. Trebor also operates an Alberta PPE manufacturing facility and is entering the international marketplace with Canadian made innovations and products.


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