Dear Customers,

You may have seen a news story about Health Canada recalling substandard, imported face
masks containing graphene.

Our Trebor Rx Corp. products are unaffected by this recall. In fact, the masks we sell
simply do not contain any graphene.

Our masks have been tested to meet all the Canadian regulatory requirements for safety

The masks that Health Canada recalled were low quality, and did not meet Canadian
standards. They should never have been sold in Canada.

As a PPE manufacturer, we are constantly testing new technologies, new products, and new
manufacturing innovations in order to create a safe, effective product.

We are confident in our graphene mask, currently undergoing rigorous testing requirements, will
provide Canadians a new level of protection. We are excited to bring this future product to
market once all required processes are complete and approved.

Our masks are safe. We have always met Health Canada’s requirements. We’re committed to
creating a safe product.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products, we’re thrilled to help answer any
questions. You can reach us at or at +1-705-443-8424


George M. Irwin
CEO Trebor Rx Corp
Our Goal “To be a valued, innovative PPE Supplier”
Our Mission “To make lives safer by making a difference every day”