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About Us

Fueled by a dedicated and compassionate team prioritizing safety and innovation, Trebor Rx Corp. is setting a new standard of PPE while solving problems of cost, comfort and medical waste. A proudly Canadian company with a production facility located in Collingwood, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta, Trebor Rx, is committed to providing Healthcare, Frontline and Essential workers with innovative, new patented PPE technology during COVID-19 and beyond.

Our Products

NEW! PRO+ Respirator Mask

Break-through innovation in PPE technology engineered to keep professionals and those around them safe.

Key Features:

  • Recommended Duration: 35 Cleaning Cycles

  • Filters both inhale and exhale

  • Reusable and cost-effective

  • 99.9% recyclable, reduced medical waste

  • Certified ASTM F2101-19,  >95% effective protecting against viruses, bacteria and particulates

  • Translucent, breathable and moulded for a perfect seal

  • Easily washable with soap and water

  • PRO+ patented disposable and interchangeable single use, N95 filters

  • Customizable colours available

  • Available in Adult size Medium and Large

Designed to be used across various sectors with demanding working conditions including healthcare, dental, mining, construction, and military, the PRO+™ Respirator Mask recommended duration is 35 Cleaning Cycles of usage at a fraction of the cost of current options, and to provide a comfortable, breathable and flexible moulded seal for complete protection.

Made of a flexible thermoplastic elastomer and used with patented certified filters, the PRO+™ protects against particulates, bacteria and viruses. It is designed to filter both inhaled and exhaled air, providing further protection against the spread of contaminated particles. Unobstructed breathing is made easy with the dual respirator system.

The respirator body is fully washable and 99.9% recyclable, with only the patented certified filters that need to be disposed of responsibly. The reusable respirator body can be easily washed with soap and water.

The PRO+™ (Patent Pending) is a tested and approved medical device designed to keep its user safe.





For more information and to download an information brochure on PRO+ Respirator Masks,
please contact info@treborrx.com

3-Ply Disposable Mask

Suitable for Healthcare, frontline and essential workers. Also suitable for general public use.

Trebor Rx’s 3-Layer Disposable Mask comes in two presentations for your comfort: with ear loop or behind the head loop with adjustable nose piece for secured fit.

Product Type: 3-Layer Disposable Mask
Certification: Tested against ASTM F2100, European Union Standards; EN 14683 Level 2 IIR
Filtration Efficiency: ≥ 98%
Material Inner / outer layer: polypropylene non-woven fabric
Material Filter layer: electrostatic melt-blown cloth
Color: Blue
Size: Adult, one size fits all
Design: With ear loops or behind the head loop, and an adjustable nose piece

Key Features

  • Safe, breathable, and hypoallergenic

  • Elastic ear-loops and adjustable nose clip

  • Effective filtration to PM2.5 haze particles

  • Protects against virus transmission, droplet transmission, PM2.5 / harmful particles, air pollution, dust, etc.

  • Non-woven material, comfortable to wear

  • Behind-the- head-loop reduces foggy glasses

Face Shields

Our face shields are designed to provide a versatile and comfortable solution to protect wearers eyes and add an additional barrier to limit the likelihood of spreading aerosols droplets ejected during a sneeze, cough or deep exhalation.

These face shields have been tested in accordance with EN 1731:2006

Key Features

  • Double side anti-fog, anti-static, no-glare lens

  • Excellent protection against blood pathogens, body fluids, or harmful chemical splash

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear

In the News

Health Canada recalls graphene masks

April 9, 2021|

Dear Customers, You may have seen a news story about Health Canada recalling substandard, imported face masks containing graphene. Our Trebor Rx Corp. products are unaffected by this recall. In fact, the masks we sell [...]

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